Sig Vicious
Visual Design, Photography & Locations


Meet Siggeir, the Icelandic graphic designer, turned photographer, turned location scout.


As a Graphic Designer, Siggeir has worked, since late last century, for clients ranging from Nike, MTV, Adobe, HP and Eve-Online to local telecommunications clients, tech companies and musicians. Sig has been featured in various publications and is known throughout as a bold thinker and a daring visual composer.

As a Photographer, Siggeir has taken his unique rural-urban photography to the roads less travelled with stunning visual results. For example you should check out #viciousXplore, where Sig visited and narrated stories from not-your-usual-Iceland and his Instagram for the latest adventures.

As a Location Scout, Siggeir has gathered a unique database, both on his personal travels, and while helping many fine photographers and filmmakers getting their job done at Iceland's unique locations.

As your Iceland Coworker Siggeir offers you a broad variety of services based on the see-above.
For exciting projects, feel free to be in touch, anytime.


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